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Mingyuan Offering high-quality, cost-effective customized paper cup machines and paper processing equipment,Encompassing various machines such as paper plate machines, paper bowl machines, cup lid machine, and more Proudly from China, committed to providing comprehensive solutions for paper product manufacturing
Paper Cup Machine

MINGYUAN Paper cup machine is equipped with two turntables, Stable running speed 120-150pcs each min. The cup size can make 6~22oz, The machine comes with PLC control system, sensor failure detecting and it can safety. The whole machine adopts oil lubrication and circulation system, servo motor, Open cam drive and full gear drive system, which make it more accurate and stable.

Paper Plate Machine

MINGYUAN paper plate machine has a stable running speed 100-140 pieces per minute, and the paper plate size produced is 2-16 inches. Equipped with a hydraulic system and hydraulic cylinder, it can press and form plates of 200-1000GSM. Sensor failure detecting sensors will detect the machine and stop machine automatically if any errors happen. The finished plates are collected and counted automatically, which can greatly save the labor costs. 

Paper Bowl Machine

Stable running speed 70-80 pieces per minute.The paper bowl size can make 6-35oz.The machine comes with PLC control system, sensor failure detecting and it can safety.The whole machine adopts oil lubrication and circulation system, servo motor, Open cam drive and full gear drive system, which make it more accurate and stable.

Paper Cup Packaging Machine

The automatic paper cup packaging machine is an automated machine that efficiently produces high-quality paper cups. It has the advantages of neat and clean packaging, high efficiency, stable performance, and easy operation. It also helps reduce plastic waste, improve environmental performance, and can meet the customization of different customers.

Plastic lid machine

Stable running Speed 15-35 punch/min and can make paper cup lids , Small plastic tray with a size range of 65-165mm. The machine comes with PLC control system, sensor failure detecting and it can be safer.The  machine adopts speed reducer with the motion of main shaft to reduce the errors and control the speed,servo motor, which make it more accurate and stable.

Paper lid machine

Stable running Speed 70-100pcs each min.The machine comes with PLC control system, sensor failure detecting and it can safety.The whole machine adopts oil lubrication and circulation system, servo motor, hot air generator heater make the lid forming better and faster  Conveyor and counter are used in the collection unit.

Paper Lunch Box Machine

Stable running speed 30-50pcs each min. intelligent model machine with PLC and touch screen. The fault sensor detection system detects abnormal work and realizes automatic shutdown to protect spare parts.The hot air generator can soften the paper and make machine running higher and stable

Hamburger box machine

Stable running speed 80-180pcs per minute.The paper thickness size can make max 1.5mm.The machine comes with PLC control system, sensor failure detecting and it can make operating more safety.The whole machine adopts gluing system , servo motor, and auto counting system .

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Sample Display
Mingyuan's machines are suitable for the production of finished products in different fields, and our machines will bring you the most comprehensive application solutions.
Paper cup
The size and graphics drawn on the paper cups vary according to the country and region where they are manufactured, which provides flexibility for marketing to customers in your area according to the sizes and special drawings they require.
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Burger box
Burger Box Machine Is An Ideal Equipment To Produce Paper Box Such As Hamburger Box, Chips Box, Fried Chicken Box, Kids Meal Box, Take away Box, Triangle Pizza Box, Etc.
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Plastic lid
Plastic lid machines are manufacturing equipment used to produce plastic caps for sealing food containers, beverage bottles, coffee cups, etc., helping to keep products fresh, prevent spills, and ensure transportation safety.
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Paper lid
The high-quality Paper lid machine from China can produce paper lids with accurate dimensions and standardized shapes, improving packaging quality and aesthetics. Use high-quality parts and materials to ensure the stability and durability of the equipment.
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Paper bowl
The paper bowl machine has a high degree of automation and high production efficiency. It can quickly produce a large number of paper bowls. It is simple to operate, easy to maintain and has a long service life.
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Cake tray
The cake tray machine can automate the packaging process, improve packaging efficiency, effectively isolate the cake from contact with the external environment, achieve a delicate appearance of cake packaging, and enhance the attractiveness and potential of the product.
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Mingyuan Paper Cup Machinery - quality manufacturer and solution provider

Since its establishment in 2009, Mingyuan has been a leading manufacturer and exporter of paper cup machines in China. We focus on the professional manufacture of paper processing machinery such as paper cup machine, paper plate machine, paper bowl machine.

With more than 4000 square meters of modern factory and senior research and development team, we are committed to providing superior quality paper cup machine equipment and diversified solutions. We focus on customer needs and constantly strive to meet the diversified production needs of the market.

Whether for custom needs or standardised solutions, we focus on innovation and quality to provide our customers with efficient and reliable paper product production solutions.

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Mingyuan Support
We are always happy to provide any assistance you need with your Mingyuan machine purchase, we are always where you need us and ready to serve you.
/ One Stop Service Available

We offer comprehensive business options ranging from materlal trading, all types of coating/lamination, paper cutting& printing, contract converting to new material R&D, aiming to save considerable time, money and effort for you.

/ Start with Low MOQ

Don't worry about MOQ! If you're hesitating because you don't really know us, we can start with low MoQ or a trial order (one container to start).

/ Free Sample Available

lf you're interested in our products, please contact us right away and you can take your desired sample free of charge.

/ Fast Delivery

1. Available in stock: The goods can be shipped immediately after receiving the order.
2. Customized Products: The average delivery time is about 5 weeks after receiving the order.

/ Wholesale at Affordable Prices

Regardless of the order quantity, we sell our products wholesale at competitive prices contributing to a significant reduction in your business costs and reduction on inventory pressure.

/ Quick After Sales Response

lf you encounter any problem related to after sales or have any suggestion for us, our professional team will be there for you 24*7 to be a good listener and offer you instant help.

Hear what our customers have to say
Ming Yuan machinery products are exported to 50+ countries and regions, and have received high-level evaluation feedback from customers.
so much love mingyuan design machine. perfect quality, perfect service, on time delivery, more and more machines will purchase in future.
already bought machines from mingyuan machinery 19 sets since we cooperation by 2018, this time again bought four sets which really perfect quality and super services.
really happy cooperation with mingyuan machinery.
tk you for perfect machine quality and good after service support.
now machine running smooth in our factory.
we will plan to purchase more than 13 sets machine in future.
we cooperation with mingyuan machinery since from 2020, but we already bought 6 sets machines now. really good quality and best after sells service.thank you for mingyuan machinery help us set up our paper cup the way, we are from Vietnam.
We are from Bangladesh and have purchased 12 machines from Mingyuan Machinery in five years, and this year we purchased another set of paper cup machine and paper plate machine.
thank u for boss George.
thank u for mingyuan machinery be provide our best quality machine.super now for speed 140pcs each min of plate machine. thank u again for mingyuan machinery design plate machine help us win market.
South Africa
Paper Cup Machine News & Exhibition News
This guide will answer all your questions about paper cup machines. Whether you want to know how the paper cup machine works, how to make it, how to operate it correctly, how much a paper cup machine costs, etc., Mingyuan will also provide you with our company's exhibition news.
How does a paper cup making machine determine the appropriate mold for producing paper cups of varying sizes?
This article elaborates on the selection process for molds when a Paper cup making machine intends to man...
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In our daily lives, paper cups are ubiquitous for drinking purposes, offering a practical solution for en...
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Why is it not advisable to frequently change the mold of the paper cup machine?
While our machines are adaptable to different molds, especially those for varying cup sizes, we advise ag...
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